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Yours Truly
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Friday, May 18, 2018

School shooting, politics, and late night comedians

Another school shooting took place in Texas this morning. Ten are dead after some nut job decided to take it upon himself to kill as many of his fellow students as he could.  He was caught and apprehended, and is under arrest.  He could get the death penalty despite being a juvenile.  It is Texas who executes murderers with a vengeance.

But my main address in this exercise of my reaction to this is due to the late night comedians who are trying to influence people with their thoughts. As if any of us care who Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, or Jimmy Fallon think.  Few of us do.  They are supposed to be entertainers, not political advisers.  But tonight, Kimmel took it upon himself to address the public with a comment before his regularly planned t.v show was aired. I seldom watch him because I hate the fact that comedians think that their opinions really matter.  They can vote. And that is all.  They have been consumed by a kind of hate that is very destructive in my opinion.  I am opposed to all of them for forsaking comedy for political hate sessions.

To attack the NRA is ridiculous.  It has nothing to do with the children who use guns to shoot their classmates.  The gun is an instrument proving only that particular student had an emotional problem that is so out of control that he cannot handle himself in any way but to be destructive.  That is a psychological problem, and not the result of the NRA, an organization which clearly teaches responsibility about firearms.  To get the child and the organization confused is really stupid, but then comedians like Jimmy Kimmel can never admit that they are really stupid.

But naturally, he attacked the NRA instead of the basic problem, and that is of an educational system unable to identify a potential problem in a student. I know that teachers often can recognize the children who may resort to violence, as I had often encountered those students many times when I was a teacher in the public school system. We did all that we could legally do towards trying to help those students to learn how to cope with their own problems.  It never got so bad that any of us feared a student with a firearm. Times have truly changed.  I think it is due to the over sensationalizing of the problem by the news media in the too often repeated stories about it.  Too many children do not recognize that life lasts long after 18 or 20.  Most cannot see beyond that age.  So life in a sense has no real meaning for them.

It is even difficult for me now at my late age (79) to think of the day I will finally take my last breath in this old body.  I am thinking about it seriously now though.  But I know that I am no more prepared for it than is a kid of 18 for turning 28.

My gripe at this point is that stars like Jimmy Kimmel do not know what the hell they are talking about but have a stage on which to spout their own stupid thoughts while the rest of us do not have that advantage.  I know that I am brighter, far more educated, and more knowledgeable than Kimmel, but I don't know how to stand before a crowd to make them laugh with phony jokes.  Just because he mastered the skill of joke telling, he has a job at ABC manning a night time show that few people bother to watch, but which he uses to foster phony political propaganda.

The NRA is not the problem.  The home, the community, t.v. shows that dwell on violence, movies that propel violence, and games that actually teach violence are the problem.  The gun in itself is useless until filled with ammunition, and in the hands of a user.

I do not like the school killings either. Nobody does.  But they are commonplace since the Columbine debacle of years ago in Colorado.  One can try to blame the politicians but it is not the politicians who are at fault.  Freedom in America means that people can make choices.  The government does not try to tell them how to live their lives.  The Americans who choose to use guns properly join the organization called the NRA.  Those Americans who buy guns and use them irresponsibly do not belong to the NRA.  It is fundamentally wrong to blame a responsible caring organization for the actions of those who do not give a damn about laws, rules, and order.

I just dislike the Kimmels of the world trying to impose their anger upon others when theirs is so misguided and wrong in its basic concepts.

Jimmy, shut up, and entertain, or get off the stage. You are part of the problem, and are not helping the situation at all. Grow up!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

More about the Royal Wedding which will take place at 4 a.m. in the morning AZ time. No way if I can help it will I be up at that hour of the day to watch a wedding. I can always watch all the reruns and ongoing constant repetitious reporting of it.  The only thing I would want to see is her wedding dress.

But tonight I watched several shows on the topic of the wedding.  Did not see PBS Friday story but instead did see ABC's 20/20 version of it.

I have not chimed in to discuss this wedding ceremony since most of the weddings in the family have gone so badly that I don't even want to pretend that it might not happen again.  Why bother? But they appear to be very much in love with one another and that is all that counts as far as I am concerned.  Whether they will be a good match only time will tell.  I rather imagine that they will try to work it out for as long as is possible.

Preakness Stakes

Tomorrow is the Preakness Stakes where Justify, a Bob Baffert trained horse, is the favorite to win the race. He won the Kentucky Derby on a muddy track, and again the race will be contested after a heavy downpour of rain.  The top two horses came in 1-2 at the Kentucky Derby and are expected to do the same tomorrow.  There are only 8 entries into this race card.  If the first two do come in as expected, the exacta alone will be bet heavily to pay only even money.  So the trifecta and the superfecta are the only way to win any money at all with nearly all the remaining horses heavy long shots.  One can only wonder at how to play this race.  7-5-1 is the most likely possibility but I am sure that most people will play 7-5 all.  They can lose that money that way if it does not have a really long shot come in to show.  Lone Sailor and Diamond King are two of the longest shots so it would be no surprise if either one of them does come in third and fourth.

I had wanted to play this race, but am getting cold feet again.  There is no way that anyone can really do much with it as it is as of now.  The weather does say 100 % rain in Baltimore.  It will be a soggy mess trying to race in mud.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Royal Wedding Watch on PBS

Right now, PBS has a show called Royal Wedding Watch which is about the upcoming marriage of Prince Harry to Megan Markle, an American divorced actress.  The bad boy marrying the bad girl, or maybe the good girl, finally so that Harry can catch up with Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, in probably producing a family.  Why else marry?  Well, they are very much in love, and possibly, they could even not even need to have a family since the royal line is well determined with the three children that Prince William and Kate Middleton have had.  Their latests is only month old now, a son, named Prince Louis.  Both Prince Gorge and Princess Charlotte will be in the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle.

Carriages are being discussed now as they take the route that the wedding couple will take.  This marriage is more a business enterprise so that small businesses can sell many momentous of the wedding.  Oddly enough, the couple do appear to be madly in love with one another, a sharp contrast to that of their father and Princess Diana many years ago.  The wedding will be carried by tv all around the world, but the hour is such that I will miss seeing it.  It is unlikely I will get up for a wedding ceremony.  Time zones being much worse than when I lived in Michigan when Diana and Charles were wed.  I did not get up for it either.

Changing the topic now...More after the wedding or if something fantastic comes up on this tv show. So far, nothing very exciting to be honest.

It  has been some time that I have written anything on my blogger.  At one time, I did unload a lot of thoughts onto it.  It is good to have a place to store one's thoughts, but as time passes and I get older, I find that I am more and more forgetful all the time.  I hate it, but that is part of growing old.  It is just too easy to let one's mind wander from one thought to another so that what one had just thought is forgotten and replaced immediately by another.

I may start a new topic just so that the topic stays on the wedding. Right now, they are discussing the family that accompanies them.  They just showed a picture of Diana and Charles kissing one another after their wedding.  How sad it is to see that now.  I was in Davison, Michigan, when Charles and Diana married one another. All the while he was seeing Camilla, to whom he is now married.  A really bad photo of the two of them was on the internet on Facebook the other day. Camilla looks dreadful.  But it is rather sad to realize how phony the royal wedding was in the 80's.

Now they are discussing the banquet.  There are rules for attending a banquet.  Henry VIII is now not he screen at Hampton Court, home of the king.  The importance of the feast is now being explained.  A place to show your power, to know who is in and who is out.  I must add something about Henry VIII now that  he is being brought up.  I had been on the internet when I read a document about his subjects, and all of a sudden I was back in his time period, feeling the fear of the peasants, and realizing his size and his power. Those peasants were terrified of him. He had been a very cruel man to too many  of them.  I did discuss it on Facebook at the time.  I know that people cannot understand my time traveling ability, but it did fascinate me so much. I could feel Henry VIII so well.  Just an incredibly powerful and fearsome king.
Listening to these ladies is making me wonder at how long the monarchy will last in England.  At this point, they are discussing the Victorian age, and the rules about banquets at that time.  Discussing all the cutlery and manners and rules of that time and age.  When the Queen stops eating, everyone else must stop eating too.  A banquet is still the place where you demonstrate your wealth and your power.  Just finish eating before the Queen.

All the rules of the present time are being discussed now.  The current queen eats slowly so that everyone can finish their food.  You must not touch the queen, and cannot speak until she speaks to you.  She speaks to the one on the left first and then the one on her right.


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Today is November 25, 2017

On Saturday, November 25, I woke up at 6:00 to stay in bed until 7:00 for an appointment at Chapman Camelback to get a repair to my car.  The engine light had come on which is a warning to have the engine checked.  I did take out my owner's manual to check on the light and its meaning but I called both Chapman dealers service department and luckily was able to contact the Camelback store to get an appointment for my car to be repaired.

I have only 16,000 miles on my car since I bought it four years ago last August.  I had bought it because of the warranty, and believe it or not, time went so fast that it is now 2017 and my four years is past.  I thought I had probably better sell my car to Chapman if I can get a value on how much they would give me for it. I had talked to salesmen before about this and as time passes, so do the evaluations.  Craig is supposed to call me about it.  After the repair was made with an extended warranty for the thermometer it was done free of charge which I truly appreciated and needed.

I said I might keep it for another year.  Whether that is true or not, I will see, but I do not really want to part with it, but I also do not want to have repairs to impair my checking  account.  I was lucky today, but I was rather aggressive about it, but honest and truthful. I had honestly gone into the shop thinking I would sell it next week.

I did learn a lot from it. I found that if I trade it in, that the difference between the trade in value and the price of the new car is all that will be taxed.  That did help me to understand why it is that one should not sell it to one company and then buy from another company.  I guess they know what I had in mind.

My problem is that I have a lot of fears about driving anywhere alone now.  I am much more vulnerable today at my age than when I was young.  It truly amazes me at how one changes as one ages.  I had no idea that my body would rebel on me as it is now doing.  I might want to do something, but my flesh will not let me do it. I literally get panic attacks on the freeway and in mountain driving.  I cannot stand the way I feel when an attack hits me. It is dreadful, for the legs and hands turn to jelly, tremble, and it is all I can do to keep control of my limbs.  Thus, I have learned not to push this. It is too rehabilitating to even try to overcome it now.  I know it is age.  But I have decided that survival is far more important than trying to conquer some fear.

Well, no doubt I bored Craig to death with my sad tale, but it is why I have so few miles on it.  I just don't need to make myself sick.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Computer Check

I had to go to Apple yesterday to get my computer free of bad stuff that was popping up on it. I was getting popups all the time telling me that I needed to rid myself of viruses and other bad stuff.  Michael from Arkansas was my Apple team member who helped me to clean the computer. I did forget to tell him about one thing which means I may have to make another trip to the Apple store soon enough.

Michael was nice, reassured me that I do not need a new computer, and that my computer is now clean and working fine.  Except for that one thing I forgot to ask him about...I will have to see if that problem does show up again on here. It has to do with videos.

So that means I can get back to writing and rewriting my book on Alexander. I have to finish reading it since I started it awhile back.  I need to rebuild my enthusiasm for the project.  But with the computer now back to normal I am going to get to work on it.