Yours Truly

Yours Truly
Janet Fauble at home

Monday, August 1, 2016

Update on August 1 to recent ongoing activities

July is over, and I am hoping that August will not be a repeat.  However,  I will describe this past month's activities in case I should decide to review this information at some future date.

One, I had my car serviced, got an estimate on its value should I decide to turn it in for cash or trade in, and then I had my carpet cleaned.  That was a great week since every man I met wa so sweet and nice to me that I felt wonderful all week long.   The UPS driver and the mailman even helped to make that particular week one of the better in human relations.  $21,000 is the estimate for the mileage.  Would be 3 to 4 thousand lower if I had higher mileage.  That is what the salesman told me.

Since I had moved everything out of the apartment into two rooms for the carpet cleaning, I spent the following week rearranging and changing the rooms around.  It was hard work that left me exhausted so that this past week I did as little as possible. I am really too old for thus kind of activity all by myself. I was reminded that the two lovely Mormon girls had offered to help me, but I have had either too much pride or too much stubbornness to let anyone help me.

My body continues to let me know that I am not a young chick or even middle aged hen, but am instead a really old timer whose time is quickly come near the end.  Just got another notice from insurance companies and cremation services to remind me of that small fact.  I think about it far more than one knows.  I have no idea when my last day will be.  I certainly live as though I have many years to go.

Both conventions are over. I did watch the Republican convention to see how it is that the Trump campaign handled their upcoming plan to win the White House. I did not watch the Democrats for anything but half of the roll call which went into nothingness after all.  There was some activity when the Bernie Sanders backers protested.  But nothing much came of it since the Democratic Clinton machinery had shut the true democratic process down.    Ted Cruz had addressed the Republicans without an endorsement of Trump but Sanders to the chagrin of his supporters did endorse Hillary.  His followers walked out on the proceedings.

At first, I was not going to send posts about either candidate on my Facebook feed until Sonja Berndt made it clear that she is too narrow minded and small to allow any dissent to her opinions.  She told me she just deletes my statements.  I then decided I would fight back hard by sending as many posts that expose Hillary for the puppet that she is.  I am so opposed to Hillary Clinton that I cannot do anything but push Trump into the White House.

I know that it is the people who have made Trump the nominee since they flocked to see him in droves, walked miles even, and are very serious about his victory this fall.

I am going to pause on this now. Will return later.  Had intended to use LiveJournal for politics.